It all began on a rustic street corner in the northern city of Bremen, Germany where Pat O began to cut his teeth in music. It was the 1980’s and he was on one of his numerous pilgrimages learning the culture and language of not only Germany but many parts of the world. Donning his plaid shirt along with a straw cowboy hat he played all the hits he could muster from John Denver to Neil Young to the delight of the passerby who enjoyed his novelty American folk set. It wasn’t always easy but with time he honed his craft and assembled a vast inventory of songs.

The Guitar Man Steven J

For almost 10 years, Pat was making a name for himself around Omaha as the ‘One-Man Band’. However, on several occasions, a friend and guitarist Steve Sangimino would come out and jam with Pat on stage.  It was during one of these nights that Steve told Pat about a drummer friend of his that was looking for a band to play with.  Pat ‘auditioned’ Wally at one of his Varsity gigs and instantly saw potential.  With Wally on the drums, Pat was now free to walk around the crowd and bring a whole new level of excitement to the show.  He was no longer restricted to the chair that he had to sit in while playing the drums with his feet.  Shortly thereafter, Wally was brought into the band full-time and the ‘One-Man Band’ title no longer fit. Thus The Pat O Show was born.


The Fabulous Wally

Pat and Wally eventually started booking private parties and wedding receptions.  It was at one of these receptions in 1999 that couple named Ken and Judy Weis first saw The Pat O Show.  They sang and danced all night to Pat and Wally’s eclectic mix of music and thought that The Pat O Show would be the perfect band to perform at…not one…but two of their daughter’s weddings that were coming up later that year.  They went home and told their daughter’s Jaclyn and Jill all about the reception they had been too and how much fun the band was.  Having remembered Pat from his One-Man-Band days down at The Varsity, one daughter immediately heeded their advice and booked them for her reception, but the other was not so sure.  She thought she’d wait and see how her sister’s reception went off before the final decision.  On May 20th, 2000 The Pat O Show rocked the stage at Erin Court for Jaclyn and Mickey McLaughlin’s wedding reception and made it an unforgettable experience for everyone!  The next day, Jill finally did what she should have done months beforehand, and fired her DJ and booked The Pat O Show.  Three months later, Pat and Wally brought the same magic to her and Nick’s reception and made it one of the most incredible days of their lives.


The Jill Factor

Having spent two very special days with the band, the Weis Family became friends and fans of Pat and Wally’s and would frequently go out to see them play around Omaha.  It was on one of these occasions that Pat asked Jill to come up and sing a song with the band. It didn’t take much prodding to get her up the stage.  Over the next year or so, Jill would run into the band at wedding receptions and clubs around Omaha, and they’d rock out to Proud Mary just like they did before.  Finally, after their umpteenth time performing this song together, Pat turned to Jill and said, ‘Would you like to learn more than one song with the band?” Jill replied “ABSOLUTELY” and started rehearsing with the band a few weeks later.  She played her first official gig as lead singer in The Pat O Show in November 2001 and has been living out her rock-star fantasies ever since!

Johnny Number Five

Over the next 4 years, The Pat O Show hit its stride and found a faithful following of fans around Omaha. Their show schedule had become pretty demanding, so they set out to find a person who could act as a roadie for the band.  This person would be in charge of setting up and tearing down all the equipment before and after all their shows, so naturally they wanted to find someone responsible and dependable.  That’s when Jill suggested that Pat call her brother, John.  John had a passion for music and as a starving college student..could use the extra money for beer and rent!  He had also been teaching himself how to play the guitar, so this would be the perfect place to meet other musicians and hone his talent.  Pat hired John right away and encouraged him to bring out his bass and jam with the band.  John’s first show with The Pat O Show was at the Indian Creek Country Club in February of 2005 and he’s been a staple in the band ever since.  John, Wally, Steve and Pat have become a ‘Band of Brothers’ with Jill standing by as the Mother Hen of the group.  Put it all together and you have one big, happy, rock-n-roll family that’ll be bringing their unique blend of music, dance, humor and fun to the stages of Omaha for many years to come!